Colle Concrete Pipes

Colle Concrete Pipes

COLLE S.p.a is a world leading company in the design of technologies and creation of machines to make concrete products.

The firm, established in the 1950s, has about a hundred employees and a head office measuring some 30,000 square meters.

Every project is carefully followed with a highly customized service that includes: an analysis of the client's needs, a study of the site's layout, research and design of the machine, technical consultancy to activate the system and training for personnel at the client's site, as well as an effective after-sales service.

Two large ranges of machines for concrete pipes: vibration systems and radial compression systems. We also provide a wide range of systems and equipment to make rectangular pipes, cast materials, as well as additional equipment, such as our Top milling machine to make negative components for manhole bases and the Top cage machine to make reinforcements.

All production stages undergo strict control and inspection tests. Our team of design engineers and operators employs innovative technology and sophisticated programs that guarantee technological control, ensuring results in line with requests.

Product range


Rapid, universal and economical, VIBROMATIC 1000 machine can produce a large range of concrete items of length from 60 mm. (3 in.) up to 1600 mm. (60 in.) and from diameter 100 mm. (4 in.) to 3000 mm. (120 in.). Depending on the sizes and types of products, the casting can be carried out by multiple moulds, up to a total of seven/pcs per cycle:

Completely automatic and versatile, the VIBROMATIC 3000 is electronically adjusted by the VICOM II control system and produces a great variety of concrete products including pipe up to 3000 mm (10 ft) long and diameter up to 2000 mm (72 in), multiple productions with two or three pipes of different diameters, risers, cones, bases for manholes, and special products.

The system for the moulds change is easy and fast to use, making possible daily mould changes and ensuring multiple advantages. The adjustment of the outer mould, the inner core, the pressing head and the vibrator are not necessary. The locking and the unlocking of the outer mould and the inner core are hydraulic. Only the product supporting plate has to be inserted.
The concrete feeding is completely automatic. The feeding belts, operated independently one from the other, places the concrete on the center point of the inner core, always measuring the correct quantity. This feature is the determining factor to easily making multiple productions of two or three products with different diameters.
Other features that make the VIBROMATIC 3000 an extremely versatile installation are the system for the smoothing of the inner surface of the pipe, the mechanical adjustment of the vibrators for stroke-force and the speed of the vibrators by means of an electric inverter, the automatic feeding of the base pallets, and the easy access to the hopper for inspection and cleaning operations


The VIBROMAX is a machine for the production with unthreading system moulds and it is suitable for big size products.

It can produce pipes up to inner diameter 2500 mm and height up to 3000 mm and rectangular shape products with inner dimensions up to 3000 mm x 2200 mm and 2500 mm x 2500 mm.


The ROTOVIBROMATIC machine produces elements with unthreading moulds and tilting moulds system. The ROTOMATIC version is for the production with tilting moulds only (e.g. manhole-bases and tanks); the VIBROMAX is for the production with unthreading moulds system only (e.g. box culverts, pipes, manhole-rings and cones).

Versatile and universal, ROTOVIBROMATIC produces a wide variety of square and rectangular section elements up to 2600 mm. x 2600 mm. (102 in. x 102 in.) and 2000 mm. x 3000 mm. (72 in. x 120 in.), pipes 3000 mm. (10 ft) high and with a diameter of 2800 mm. (108 in.), 3-chamber basins and tanks inner diameter up to 2800 mm./108 in. and height ranging between 500 mm./2 ft and 3000 mm./10 ft for storm drains and sewages.

The wide range of products that can be made through ROTOVIBROMATIC includes manhole rings, manhole cones and bases, reinforced pipes, jacking pipes and other special parts. According to the customers’ specific requirements, the system can be equipped with tools that diversify the production and make the processing thoroughly automatic, thus assuring many benefits, such as: the reduction of labor, easier use, quicker production and fast moulds change.


Designed to satisfy the different market requirements, the TURBOMASTER is a radial compression machine which adds to the range of machines produced by Colle.
The TURBOMASTER is available in three models, 30/60 (12”-24”), 30/125 (12”-48”) and 30/160 (12”-60”). Pipe diameters are between 300 and 1600 mm. (12”-60”) and height between 2000 and 3000 mm. (6’-10’).
The VICOM II electronic control system makes this machine completely automatic and allows for easy adjustment to different sizes of pipe, ensuring the production of high quality pipe, perfectly smooth and without any imperfections.

The radial compression piston is electronically controlled and feels the consistency of the concrete that is being distributed and the force required to compact it. This information arrives to the feeding system and adjusts the feeding of the concrete accordingly. The radial compression piston is motorized and interacts with the electronic system, so that every single roll carries out a forced rotation, in the opposite direction to the one of the trowel segments.


Extremely fast and versatile, the BIMATIC, is a fully automatic equipment designed for manufacturing a large quantity of reinforced, not reinforced and flat base circular pipes up to 3000 mm. (10 ft) length and 2000 mm. (72 in.) diameter.
This machine can produce at the same time two or three products; e.g. 3 pipes from 300 mm. (12 in.) to 500 mm. (18 in.) diameter per cycle, 2 pipes up to 800 mm. (30 in.) diameter per cycle, 1 pipe from 900 mm. (36 in.) to 2000 mm. (72 in.) diameter per cycle. The moulds can be prearranged also for a mixed sizes production.

The fully automatic work cycle and the electronic control system with the VICOM PC ensure a simple use, speed and security in the production process.
The BIMATIC is a versatile, ergonomic and functional equipment: fast change system allows quick mould changes; outer mould, core, pressing head and vibrator adjustments are not necessary; locking and unlocking of outer mould and core are hydraulic; the plate for the products can be changed quickly.

The BIMATIC works with the mobile core system.
The concrete feeding is completely automatic: belts are independently moved and they always adjust the concrete quantity in the best way, assuring the homogeneous mould filling.
VICOM PC, vibration system and mould fast change assure the highest precision and quality, suitable to satisfy the different requirements of the market.


VIBROTUBI is an installation for producing large reinforced concrete elements of any shape, including square and rectangular sections. In particular, VIBROTUBI allows the production of circular pipes with a length, on demand, up to 4000 mm./12 ft and with a diameter ranging between 300 mm./12 in. and 3600 mm./144 in., oval pipes, rectangular pipes up to 5000 mm. x 3000 mm. (16 ft x 10 ft), jacking pipes and large-size special products.

Colle S.p.A. designs VIBROTUBI based on customers’ specific requirements: the system is controlled by a computer with graphics interface and has single or multiple units for casting different products at the same time. The special feeding belt makes sure that moulds of any shape are equally filled. The machine’s desk height can be adjusted in order to produce elements of different dimensions.


The Modular Box Culvert System is versatile and adjustable that produces box culverts on a vibrating table with self-leveling air suspensions.
The outer mould, the inner core and the base pallets are modular. By adding or subtracting one or more of the sections it is possible to obtain products with every span-rise dimension and wall thickness according to the different requirements of the market.

The programmable feeding belt ensures the uniform filling of the moulds. Hydraulic cylinders fixed on the corners of the inner mould carry out the hydraulic pressing.
The machinery and equipment is computer controlled with a graphical interface and the completely automated working cycle ensures accuracy, quality, safety and repeatability of the production process.


Moulds for the wet cast production of pipes, tanks, manholes and other special products, even on special drawing of the customer.
The demoulding system is based upon the principle of the collapsible inner core and of the openable outer formwork, by means of hydraulic or mechanical devices.
The product can be compacted by motorvibrators applied on the formworks, or produced without vibration with self-compacting concrete.


TOP CAGE is an automatic machine for the production of concrete products.

diameter of longitudinal wire from 4 mm (.158 in.) to 10 mm (.394 in.)
diameter of spiral wire from 4 mm (.158 in.) to 12 mm (.472 in.)
spiral pitch from 40 mm (1.57 in.) to 160 mm (6.30 in.)
welding points 300/1 minute
rotating speed 35 rpm