Our Vision

To become technology innovator in building machineries

To preserve our corporate identity

To achieve sustainable growth


Our Mission

To emphasize on our specialization

To maximize our market share

To exploit new markets with new alliances

To create value and make a difference everywhere we engage

To provide a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best, they can be


Our Philosophy

Since our establishment, our domain philosophy is:  Quality comes first.

Even today in 2020, after a 40 years presence in the field of construction equipment, having experienced an economic crisis on an unprecedented, to our sector, scale, our fundamental philosophy remains the same:

Quality comes first.

The GROUP continues its dynamic course incorporating and recording a 40 years’ experience. The GROUP does not deviate from its fundamental   principles, neither sells them off. Furthermore, all executives and employees are required to keep up, cherish and act under those principals and ethics.

We strongly believe that the GROUP is a creation of people. Under this conviction we deal with the present challenges reliably and face the future optimistically.