Texnokat Group

Texnokat Group

Group TEXNOKAT takes its first steps in the late 70΄s.

The Group started its activities in the developing construction sector representing distinguished European group of companies. At first channeled into the Greek market innovative batching plants and iron processing machines.  At a later date the Group acquires its own industrial establishments and begun to manufacture batching and quarry plants.

Group TEXNOKAT has left, after a 40 years powerful and passionate presence, a legacy in the global market and has been awarded the worldwide recognition.

The Research and Development department, sustained by this inheritance, marches towards the future, designs pioneering and smart machines, reacts to the current challenges and needs.  

Today we, the people of TEXNOKAT Group, have decided to put into force a new strategy, imposed by the tensed and demanding international competition and the rapid technological developments.

The course that follows the Group is characterized by continuous and evaluated investments that people with vision and professionalism carry out. The response and the market feedback compensate our efforts on a daily basis.

We, the people of TEXNOKAT Group, act and work under the principal that:

Quality comes first

We are able to provide and support technically machines in widespread areas, offering impeccable quality of products and services, meeting the needs of our clients and collaborators.

The valuable Know how, the vast range of commercial and technical net, enable the Group to respond to projects, to demands or requirements in all over the world, providing integrated solutions, products and services.