Marini Asphalt Plants

Marini Asphalt Plants

Giuseppe Marini started “by pedaling” in 1899 . . .

During the following years he added motors and gear boxes, changed path and after World War II he begun to pave asphalt initially in Italy and later in Europe.

In 1974, “Officina Meccanica Marini” later “Marini SpA”, had already passed from the trails to the avenues of development, industrialization and global recognition.

In 1988, Marini SpA connected its long history and knowhow with FAYAT Group. Today, FAYAT Group celebrates its 60 years. The second generation of the group is supported by 20.000 co-workers and promotes leadership, innovation, and creativity in the field of constructions.

ΤΕΧΝΟΚΑΤ Group, considers MARINI – FAYAT Group’s choice as a reward of its many years commitment to quality, technological innovation and provision of excellent services.

The co-operation of TEXNOKAT Group with MARINI – FAYAT Group, which produces asphalt plants in its seven (7) factories around the world, creates additional obligations and a huge responsibility. The responsibility to respond with value and commitment to the new requirements and challenges.


Savings, performance, low emissions and high safety to satisfy our clients’ expectations

This highly functional and efficient plant is the result of constant dialogue with our clients together with over 50 years’ experience in the sector. The compact nature of the site with maximum use of space results in considerable reduction in assembly time and maintenance. The modular lay out gives the client the chance to add new modules whenever necessary, which means that he can cater for different working requirements over time. Thanks to the lengthy experience of our technical team, MARINI can offer assistance in the upgrading of the plant with innovative and state-of-the-art solutions, which comply perfectly with even the strictest quality controls.



With XPRESS you get practical transport of plant components without exceeding road transport dimensions, in record time and with no road escort. XPRESS can be erected and dismantled quickly with the aid of a small crane, without effecting the quality of operations and making considerable savings.

Flexibility is an absolute priority for MARINI. In addition to a system for producing foam bitumen when producing WMA at low temperatures, XPRESS can be fitted with a series of optional, ranging from the traditional MARINI recycling ring to a cold recycling solution in the mixer. Thanks to this new innovative design, considerably high levels of recycling can be achieved, both from the environment-friendly and cost-friendly points of view – using from 25% to 40% RAP in certain cases.


The new generation of MARINI batch plants is designed to combine the traditional features of performance and technology with new high levels of fatigue resistance plus easy use and maintenance, while maintaining the essential simplicity.

This latest addition to the MARINI family, a series of plants producing up to 240 tph, is a new entry compared with its more widely known sister plant TOP TOWER (over 360 tph).

Simple and essential: the perfect plant for clients who need to produce asphalt in the shortest time possible, wherever the delivery site location   maybe.

BE TOWER underlines the concept of transportability with its containerized modules which make transfer into a quick, easy and economical operation – and also more secure
Another key factor of this new plant is its quick assembly and readiness for work, with consequent cost reduction for the producer, thanks to pre-cabling of the electrics for each


Production of hot asphalt mixes with Polymer modified Bitumen (PMB) is mandatory for enhancing the performance of bitumen used in road, runway and racetrack applications both by improving life expectancy and reducing maintenance levels.
There are 4 important issues for good quality PMB:
Bitumen quality, polymer compatibility (the most used polymer is SBS), mill performance (a high quality mill with high power is fundamental to grant the perfect blending of polymer and bitumen) and good agitation of the final product (which is guaranteed by two agitators in each tank).

Bitumen Emulsion Plant

MARINI emulFALT is the reliable, highly efficient, compact, easy to use, economic bitumen emulsion plant which is engineered for bitumen emulsion production for all road construction projects, asphalt applications and other special applications.