Sicoma OMG Concrete Mixer

Sicoma OMG Concrete Mixer

SICOMA S.r.l – OMG. In 1972 the Company O.M.G. (Officine Meccaniche Galletti S.r.l.) was founded and important investments were made in state-of-the-art machineries and toolings at Ponte Valleceppi (Perugia) factory, allowing new sizes and types of mixers to be produced.

In 1992, the growing presence on international markets led to the constitution of SICOMA S.r.l., Company of the fledgling OMG Group, appointed to the production of the new types of mixers and to the sales and service in the foreign markets of all equipment produced by OMG Group.

The specific technical solutions characterizing OMG SICOMA mixers, designed and introduced over the years, are protected by international patents and make the machines unique.

The main manufacturing facilities are located in Perugia region (Ponte Valleceppi and Torgiano), on a total area of 40.000 square meters of which 13.000 are indoor and where about 100 people, factory workers and office workers, are employed.

All company procedures, particularly the ones related to the manufacturing, are organized in a Quality Management System ISO 9001 certified by CERMET since 1995.

Group TEXNOKAT works exclusively with SICOMA and OMG since 2004. With full support from SICOMA staff we offer to our markets, high quality concrete batching plants, with great durability and withstand through time and minimal maintenance cost. 



The size of SICOMA Twin Shaft Mixers ranges from 0.5 to 9 m3 of vibrated concrete output, covering every need of our customers in terms of production capacity. The excellent performance is recognized in several applications: production of Ready-mix Concrete, production of prestressed / precast elements, RCC concrete for dams, soil stabilization, but also in different sectors such as the inertization, waste treatment and chemical products. Depending on the type of application, the mixers can be equipped with several accessories and options to optimize their productivity, mixing quality and life expectancy. Whenever necessary, we work with our customers to develop new solutions that best suit their requirements.

The gearboxes of the mixing group are epicyclical type. The first reduction is carried out by a pulley transmission equipped with a constant-velocity universal joint to keep the shafts synchronized. The low input speed to the gearboxes allows the lubrication oil to work at low thermal load. The connection between the gearbox and the tank is made with the exclusive connection sleeve, developed over the years to make any possible maintenance to the shaft supports easier and faster. This sleeve can be disassembled easily giving access to shaft support and in case of maintenance, the downtime for the plant is minimized.


The size of our Planetary Mixers ranges from 10 to 4000 liters of compacted concrete output, covering every possible need from small laboratory mixers to the largest production plants. The excellent performance of SICOMA-OMG Planetary Mixers are recognized in several application fields: ready-mix concrete, production of prestressed / precast elements, block and pavers, concrete pipes, dry mortar mix, but also in different sectors such as glass, refractory materials for foundries and chemical products. Depending on the type of application, the mixers can be equipped with several accessories and options to optimize their productivity, mixing quality and life expectancy. Whenever necessary, we work with our customers in the development of new solutions that best suit their specific needs.

With 70 years of mechanical experience, Sicoma has created a gearbox virtually indestructible. The huge double horizontal design is strong and shock resistant. The wide horizontal oil bath is cool running and gives every gear optimum lubrication. It is good for life and carries a 5 year, 10,000 hour warranty.


More than just an accessory, the skip hoist for the aggregates has to be considered as an actual machine by itself.
All SICOMA mixers up to 4 m3 output, can be equipped with the skip to have a compact layout and to save costs for the plant footprint.
They are designed for the best reliability and safety using the twin drum hoist. It allows the skip bucket to be operated by a single steel rope capable of self balancing the load by pulling the bucket from both sides. The lock under the bucket, bolted to the rope, prevents the bucket from falling in case of rope failure.
All models are available with high speed up and down (30 meter/min) and all models above 2 m3 output are operated by Variable Frequency Drive (V.F.D.).


SICOMA MAO/C uses the same proven technology of MAO Twin Shaft Mixers, Italian drive system and patented shaft seals.
The two counter-rotating shafts are equipped with a set of short paddles, with a specific configuration and size, which simultaneously mix and push the material from the entry point to the outlet.
MAO/C’s are particularly good for the production of stabilized soil and for low quality Roller Compacted Concrete. In some cases, it can be used effectively for Backfill applications.
MAO/C’s typically work with low slump, low cement content mixtures for high volumes of production with medium mixing quality.


Despite the fact that in some countries it is considered as old technology, the Turbine (Pan) Mixer is still a valid solution for the production of Ready-mix Concrete. SICOMA Pan mixers are built with Bonfiglioli angular gearboxes and the tank design is conceived on the basis of the characteristics of the MP mixers.
All sizes can be shipped in standard Open Top containers or Trucks due to their split tank, which can be easily assembled at the jobsite. The arms are connected to the rotor by a spring system to absorb the shock load caused by mixing blades hitting possible obstructions, protecting the gearbox. Larger models can be fitted with rotating agitator(s) to increase the mixing efficiency and to reduce the mixing cycle time.


Concrete distribution in the Precast and Block industry is a critical factor, making the difference in having an efficient production plant. Rollover buckets are more suitable for Wet cast. Double Clamshell bucket is usually more effective in the dry cast applications due to the pyramidal shape of the walls. For double layer blocks and pavers, a twin bucket option is also available.
Twin horizontal rail or Twin vertical rail track. They can reach the speed of 240 m/min. Maximum inclination of the rail track is 25° (8° without chain system). Hybrid models are available whenever both types of concrete (wet and dry) have to be transported and distributed inside the plant.