Proeti Laboratory Equipment

Proeti Laboratory Equipment

Proeti S.A. started trading in 1985 manufacturing laboratory equipment for the control and testing of construction materials used in Civil Engineering works. Since then, we have extended our scope to a complete range of equipment for the testing of Concrete, Cement, Asphalt, Steel, Rock, Aggregates and Soil.
Located 25 km from Madrid, with excellent communications by road, very close to the international airport and to one of the main railway stations. Premises occupy an area of 2300 m2 with five buildings covering manufacturing, warehousing, packaging, offices, calibration laboratory, conference and exhibition hall, and technical services.

Quality control laboratory equipment

The long experience of Group TEXNOKAT along with the credibility of PROETI S.A. can cover every need in the field of quality control.

Group TEXNOKAT specializes in the following sectors of laboratory products:

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Bending stress
  • Steel
  • Soil